Solo Guitar Austin

Q.  Do you have your own sound equipment?

A.  Yes. I always bring two small guitar amps to each event. One as a backup. For larger events I bring an extension speaker.

​Q.  Do you travel outside of Austin?

A.   Yes. I will travel anywhere.

Q. Do you play classical guitar?

A.  Many people think I play classical guitar music because I use a classical finger style technique and I can play pretty jazz      ballads and folk songs that sound classical however I do not play classical music (Bach, Mozart, etc.) though I love to listen.

Q.  I'm not familiar with your American songbook/jazz list. What is all that?

A.  Jazz can be an ugly word to some people but it is a huge genre that has many distinct styles within it. Great American songbook doesn't mean much to a lot of people now but you hear them all the time sung by legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. In the early to mid 20th century there were great composers writing songs for musicals and Broadway shows. At that time they weren't known as Great American Songbook or jazz songs, they were pop songs because that was the popular music of the day. I like to play the most popular of songs of this time period because there are so many great songs with strong melodies and interesting chord progressions and they make for great solo guitar arrangements. If you see a title you're unfamiliar with type into youtube and see what comes up. You might be surprised.

Q.  My event is outside in the middle of summer/winter. Is that ok?

A.   Yes. I am prepared for any climate or weather. If there is rain I will have to play unplugged for safety reasons.